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How to choose the right vacuum packaging machine?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1, packaging speed. For the sake of improving production efficiency, double or multi-chamber vacuum packaging machine can be used to improve the whole production progress.

2, whether the packaging items need to be filled with other protective gases. Optional multi-purpose vacuum packaging machine with inflatable device.

3, the vacuum degree of packaging items requirements. Such as packaging items need to be preserved under the conditions of high vacuum, you need to choose cavity vacuum packaging machine.

4, the status of the components of the packaging of the vacuum packaging machine requirements.

Vacuum packaging machine purchase, packing solid, particles and other relatively dry and non-corrosive materials, the choice of aluminum alloy, and packaging with soup, salt, high acid content of the material, you can use stainless steel or aluminum Magnesium alloy material. Seals are generally used silicone rubber, black rubber, a small number of low-end products using foam rubber, silicone rubber high temperature, corrosion resistance, good sealing, long life, poor sealing rubber foam, easy to fall off, short service life.