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The use of vacuum packaging machine played a role?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

(1) For meat products, the vacuum packaging machine removes the oxygen from the packaging bag to restrain the growth of bacteria such as molds. It also inhibits the decomposition and oxidation of oils and fats and controls the deterioration of foods to achieve the purpose of preservation and shelf life. There are reports of fresh meat vacuum packaging, due to the non-stop respiration of meat organizations, there are some frequent microbial activity, the vacuum bag of oxygen into carbon dioxide, while the accumulation of carbon dioxide can effectively inhibit the propagation and generation of Bacillus , Which has a certain effect on the preservation of meat;

(2) In terms of fruit thinning, vacuum packaging reduces the oxygen content of bags, fruits and vegetables can breathe anaerobically, produce carbon dioxide, while maintaining a certain humidity, this low oxygen, high carbon dioxide, high humidity environment, Effectively reduce fruit sparse transpiration, reduce fruit Shu inhalation, reduce ethylene production and nutrient consumption, and ultimately achieve the purpose of preservation;