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Vacuum packaging machine should pay attention to the problem what?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1, the operation of the vacuum pump, the oil level height should be ¾ of the height of the oil window is appropriate, such as less than ½ oil window height, should be promptly filled with high-speed vacuum pump oil, oil level is too high or too low on the vacuum pump Motor caused adverse. The specific method please refer to the vacuum pump instructions for operation.

2, the machine should be placed horizontally, the environment should be well ventilated, the machine must be installed protective earth, and often check the connection point is in good contact, in order to protect personal safety.

3, the machine must be heated before working time and heating temperature set in the appropriate location, should grasp the principle of from low to high, must not be all at once, the heat sealing time and temperature is set very long or very high, so as not to burn electric components Or Teflon sealed cloth.