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What are the advantages of a new generation of vacuum packaging machine?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1, beautiful appearance, generous, can be intuitive to its true shape. Vacuum packaging shape break, not easy to see the true shape of its packaging products, packaging grade is not high.

2, vacuum nitrogen packaging, the pressure difference between inside and outside the balance (-600 ~ -700mmHg) air will not be able to gradually penetrate into the bag through the porous bag to prevent Premature Premature spoilage, deterioration.

3, vacuum nitrogen packaging, the most suitable for fragile, afraid of extrusion material packaging (such as flowers, chips, snack foods, etc.), vacuum packaging can not be achieved.

4, some moisture-containing food or material, after the vacuum packaging due to the role of the pressure difference within the bag, food or material oil and water seepage, will affect the inherent quality of food or material and surface appearance.