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Can A Plastic Bag Use A Vacuum Packaging Machine?
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machine is an essential production equipment for the food industry in recent years. In particular, food safety has been valued by consumers in recent years, and it has increased the awareness of the vacuum packaging machine in the food industry. The vacuum packaging machine is already an indispensable packaging equipment in the packaging industry. Recently, some customers have reported that vacuum packaging bags are always damaged and wasteful. What is going on with Dajiang? Today, Dajiang Xiaobian summarized this issue and shared it with everyone.

      In order to maintain or maintain the atmosphere state in the packaging container, the food vacuum packaging machine puts different requirements on the packaging material. The venting and moisture permeability of plastic packaging materials vary with the molecular structure of the polymer, the thickness of the film, the temperature and humidity, etc.; after being vacuum or inflated, the contents of the oxygen or mixed gas components in the packaging container are affected by the atmospheric environment. The concentration will change. The principle of selecting packaging materials is to reduce the impact of the atmospheric environment and obtain the longest shelf life.

      According to the characteristics of food preservation, the materials for vacuum and air-filled packaging can be divided into two categories: one is a high-barrier packaging material, used for vacuum and air-filled packaging for food preservation, and reduces the oxygen content in the packaging container. And the change of the concentration of each component of the mixed gas; the other is a gas permeable packaging material, which is used for maintaining the low breathing speed of the fresh fruit and vegetable inflatable vacuum packaging machine. Vacuum and air-filled packaging have the same requirements for moisture permeability of packaging materials. The better the barrier to water vapor, the better the preservation of food.

      Food packaging materials must have high barrier properties. Grease foods are required to have high oxygen barrier properties and oil barrier properties; dry foods are required to have high moisture resistance to ensure the smoothness of packaged foods. Fragrant foods are required to have high aroma properties; fruit and vegetable fresh foods require high oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor permeability. In addition, the food packaging materials must have high tensile strength, tear resistance, impact strength, good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with the food, ensure food safety; in addition, have higher temperature resistance Sex, meet the requirements of high temperature disinfection and low temperature storage of food.

      Therefore, for vacuum packaging machines, we also have a purposeful choice based on product characteristics when selecting packaging bags. In this way, we can ensure that we vacuum, seal and complete the packaging work. Whether it will also bring waste to our vacuum packaging machine work and increase costs, it is not suitable.