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Can The Vacuum Packaging Machine Double Room Work At The Same Time?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machines are already very popular in the packaging industry because they are used to keep food fresh and inhibit bacteria. The single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is a studio that works as the name suggests, so the two-chamber vacuum packaging machine is the work of two studios. It is mainly composed of a vacuum chamber, a vacuum cover, an electrical control system and a vacuum pump. The vacuum chamber also has a sealing device. The heating strip and the heat insulating cloth are mainly used for sealing after the vacuum is exhausted. The principle and operation method of vacuum packaging machine:

      The principle of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is the same as that of the vacuum packaging machine. The main function is to use the vacuum pump to dry the air of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to set the vacuuming time and the sealing use. Time, but when the vacuum is applied to different products, the set time is different. Therefore, the customer should set it according to his actual situation when using it, or consult the supplier to set it, and the single chamber vacuum. The packaging machine can also be inflated, but this is to communicate with the customer at the time of purchase, so the manufacturer will configure the nitrogen filling device, because most products do not need such a device.

      1. When we use the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, the first thing is to turn on the power. The need to pay attention to whether the power supply is 220V or 380V. After the power is turned on, the power indicator light is on, usually double-chamber vacuum packaging. The machines are all 380V power supplies;

      2. Then we put the product on the sealing strip and put it on the beading, which plays a fixed role;

      3. Then adjust the time of vacuuming and the time of heat sealing, according to the actual situation of the product;

      4. Cover the upper cover of the vacuum chamber, the vacuum indicator on the control panel will light up, and the vacuum pump will start pumping;

      5. When the pumping reaches the set time, the pumping work will be completed, and then the heat sealing time will be entered. After the sealing is completed, the upper cover of the vacuum chamber will automatically bounce, so that the vacuum work is completed, and the following is completed. The next vacuum can be done.

      The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is also extremely efficient. It is mainly suitable for medium-sized enterprises or self-employed operators. If you want to work more efficiently, you can choose other types of vacuum packaging machine equipment. There is only one upper cover of the vacuum chamber of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. When vacuuming in one working chamber, the staff can take the work of taking and placing in another working room. The side is placed, and the top cover can be placed on the other side to work alternately. Not two vacuum chambers are used together. We are a professional manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines. Our company produces vacuum packaging machines. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us or visit our company for on-site inspection. We welcome you.