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Can You Use A Vacuum Packaging Machine For Frozen Food?
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Speaking of vacuum packaging machines, everyone is no longer strange, not only the current food industry will use vacuum packaging machines, but many electronics, precision instruments, medical and other industries have also cited vacuum packaging machines. In fact, it is not just the small-listed industries, including some animal husbandry, which have begun to use vacuum packaging machines. Especially some foreign customers are very fond of using vacuum packaging machines.

      So Dajiang is here today to talk to you about which vacuum packaging machine should be used for cold meat. Most of the animal husbandry is first killing, the meat produced is very fresh, but the ordinary packaging can not allow the fresh meat to be preserved and preserved during the transportation and sale time. In this case, the vacuum is used in order to be isolated from the air and hygienic. The packaging machine is vacuum packed. The method is to place the processed raw meat in a food tray, then apply a film on the bread, and then vacuum it and seal it. This method is called skin-packing, and the product can be seen at a glance to let consumers see whether the meat is fresh or not. It can also block air contact and not cause bacterial deterioration, and it is easy to transport.

      At present, the method of packaging with a food-body vacuum packaging machine is relatively rare in the country, and is generally used by foreign customers. In fact, as our living standards improve, we will gradually form a trend. As a vacuum packaging machine manufacturer, we also hope that everyone has a healthy food safety awareness and a hygienic and efficient food processing method.