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Customized Elements Of Vacuum Packaging Machine
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machines are indispensable equipment in our food industry. In fact, they are widely used in many other industries. Vacuum packaging machines are generally used in a single machine, so its customization is also very strong, we can tailor the vacuum packaging machine according to the customer's product characteristics and requirements. So the bigger the customization, the better.

     1. The custom vacuum packaging machine is preferably close to the product size and not too large. The custom size of the vacuum packaging machine is too large to cause unnecessary errors in the machine, which wastes space and prolongs the time for vacuuming.

     2. The product size and packaging requirements must be implemented. Customization is irreversible. Once it is wrong, there is no way to change it.

     3. The function of the vacuum packaging machine should be clear, and the functions such as heat sealing after sealing or sealing after inflation should be clear.

The vacuum packaging machine of Wenzhou Dajiang has always been a device that has been well received by the majority of enterprise users, especially our food companies have many repeat customers. If you need a customer to visit the Wenzhou Dajiang factory to visit, we welcome you at any time.