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How Much Can You Save With A Vacuum Packaging Machine?
- Sep 03, 2018 -

With the development of the automation industry, our current life and production are inseparable from mechanical equipment. As far as our ordinary family is concerned, in the past, laundry and cooking at home were all done by washing clothes and cooking. Nowadays, there are washing machines and rice cookers in the house. Even the high degree of automation does not require any manipulation, as long as you Ordering the program in advance will automatically be implemented for everyone. The same is true for automation companies. In particular, some factories that use precision instruments use robots. First, they can improve the accuracy of their work. Second, they can save labor costs. Third, they can reduce work-related accidents. Even the harvesting work we saw in the countryside was done with a harvester.

      Today, what Dajiang wants to talk about is how much the vacuum packaging opportunity can save the company. At present, labor cost is one of the most important production costs of enterprises, and it is also one of the higher cost items. Labor costs directly affect the main factors of production cost of products. Many enterprises are also trying to save costs and control the labor costs. Restrictions are greatly restricted, especially the lack of labor resources, but also the problems faced by enterprises in production. In order to solve the problem of labor shortage, enterprises have to increase the salary and salary of labor, etc., hoping to retain and guarantee the demand for production labor. In the long run, this is not the fundamental solution to the problem. To solve the problem of continuous loss of labor, we must solve it from a technical perspective.

   The main solutions summarized by Dajiang are as follows: to improve the maximum efficiency of manual operations, indirectly reduce the number of labor, and reduce labor costs. The main way to solve this problem is to increase the labor intensity of a single labor force, or use mechanization instead of manual production, and then use automation. A higher degree of mechanical products, the automatic production of the finished product, greatly reducing the labor cost of the product, thereby increasing the profit of the product.

      For example: the use of vacuum packaging machines is currently based on the manual operation of the auxiliary vacuum packaging machine, but the process of vacuum packaging without the machine can not be operated, but the use of labor or more labor increases the production cost of the product. From a long-term analysis, the cost of using labor and using machinery, labor costs are much higher than the cost of mechanical production. In order to reduce the manual use of the ordinary semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine, a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine, a high-efficiency vacuum packaging machine, and the like can be used. Simply put, you can use the smallest labor to get the maximum productivity. The continuous automatic vacuum packaging machine is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine, which can automatically convey the cover automatically. It does not need the ordinary vacuum packaging machine to swing, press and take three steps. The continuous automatic vacuum packaging machine can solve the gland and the steps of taking the material. Manual placement of the product, the single packaging efficiency is greatly improved compared to other models, the commission ratio is about 25 percent.