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How To Realize Vacuum In Vacuum Packaging Machine
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machines are the most important and most common vacuum packaging equipment in the food industry. Any food company should basically use vacuum packaging to deal with it. On the basis of vacuum packaging, many foods also require the replacement of air for other gases. Then how can this gas be replaced? Wenzhou Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and everyone to learn about it.

      The vacuum packaging machine works by placing the product in a bag and then placing the bag in a vacuum chamber for vacuum sealing. If it is necessary to replace the gas, before the sealing and after vacuuming, the vacuum packaging machine adds an inflation function to the equipment. There is a gas port in the vacuum chamber, and the gas pipe docked with the gas port extends to the external air source of the machine, and the customer can prepare himself. We will set the program to be pumping, inflating a single cycle; it can also be cycled multiple times, depending on the customer's product requirements. Therefore, if customers have air replacement requirements, they can communicate with our sales staff of Wenzhou Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., and add this inflation function.

      Although vacuum packaging machines have always been used in stand-alone machines, manual assistance is required in many places to complete the vacuuming process of the product, but some basic food requirements are achievable. We are still researching and exploring vacuum packaging machines, and have made many improvements and updates on the basis of the original, which is more durable than many vacuum packaging machines. Welcome customers to come to Wenzhou Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. factory procurement negotiations.