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How To Repair The Pump Body Of Vacuum Packaging Machine
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Customers who used vacuum packer know that vacuum pump is the core of vacuum packaging machine. Its quality directly affects vacuum degree and efficiency of packaging products of vacuum packaging machine. Therefore, the vacuum packer vacuum maintenance is the most important. Today, Dajiang will share with you how to deal with the small problems of vacuum pumps.

If the vacuum pump fails, it will affect a lot of asubsequent packaging effect, so we must be aware of the vacuum packer pump can not reach the specified limit vacuum reasons for those problems:

1, vacuum pump oil too little or pollution, solution: refueling or changing oil.

2. Vacuum pump smoke or leakage, solutions: cleaning the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter, check the check valve.

3, gas path closed is not strict, the solution: check the gas path, eliminate leakage.

4, 2DT iron core card does not reset, the solution: maintenance or cleaning.