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Rational Use Of Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
- Aug 05, 2018 -

The two major categories of vacuum packaging machines are single-chamber vacuum packaging machines and double-chamber vacuum packaging machines. The only difference is the number of vacuum chambers. As the name implies, a single room is a studio and a double room is two studios. Of course, some models of vacuum packaging machines are equipped with different numbers of vacuum pumps, which is the number of vacuum pumps designed to ensure the efficiency of vacuuming.

      In addition to the addition of a vacuum pump to improve production efficiency, reasonable manual operation can also improve work efficiency. When the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine is working, the upper cover of the vacuum chamber is alternately operated in two vacuum chambers, that is, the vacuum is always applied to a working chamber, so if we only have one station, we pump in a vacuum chamber. When the vacuum is in place, the worker can place the bag in another vacuum chamber. When the bag is placed, the vacuum chamber on the other side is completed. You can continue working in the studio where the bag is placed, and the worker can finish it. A good studio collects the product and then places it again. According to this cycle, the work is always working, and the vacuum packaging machine is always working in circulation, so that the efficiency is much higher than that of the products that we put two stations. Therefore, customers who want to improve production efficiency may wish to try the small series.