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The Advantages Of Continuous Rolling Vacuum Packaging Machine
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The development of the packaging industry for so many years, the most favored by everyone is the food vacuum packaging machine. He is a process of putting food in a vacuum bag and then vacuuming it to seal it. The packaged product can be stored and transported for a long time. Food vacuum packaging machines are also available in many types, including external pumping and internal pumping. So what kind of product is suitable for large continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine? Today, Dajiang and everyone share it.

      Continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine adopts the chain reverse working form, high automation program, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, ensure the continuity of packaging speed and the uniformity of packaging and sealing quality. The continuous rolling packaging machine uses small packaged pickles, meat products, soy products, wild vegetables, condiment industry, seafood processing and so on. There are also many food companies that produce aviation food and are also very suitable for continuous rolling vacuum packaging machines. In this way, although the continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine is a large-scale equipment, it is more suitable for mass production of small-bag packaging products.

      Dajiang has been manufacturing vacuum packaging machines for many years. With rich experience and development capabilities, we can also customize vacuum packaging machines according to customers' product sizes. Now our continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine has a single seal and a double seal, which has achieved higher throughput and improved work efficiency.

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