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The Difference Between Vacuum Packaging Machine And Shrinking Machine
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The vacuum packaging machine is a device specially designed for the food industry. It can vacuum the product in the bag and then inflate it or directly seal it. In recent years, with the development of industry, many other industries have begun to use vacuum packaging machines to vacuum pack some components, and also use the principle of vacuum to block air to protect their products from moisture.

      Many customers do not know the heat shrink packaging of vacuum packaging and shrinking machines. It feels like a bag-packing machine. That's right, the shrinking machine is also a packaging process that uses a film-made bag and then loads the product into the shrinking machine using the principle of heat shrinkage of the film. The bag making process at the front end can use the automatic sealing and cutting machine to realize the machine work, or it can be manually bagged and then transported to the shrinking machine package. The shrinking machine can be combined with a variety of automated cutting lines such as sealing and cutting machines, and will play a powerful role to realize a modern production mode for the enterprise. For the vacuum packaging machine, it can only be used in a single machine and cannot be equipped with a water line. The front part must have manual auxiliary work before it can be finished. The biggest difference here is that the shrinking machine bag shrinks and completes the product packaging but does not have the function of vacuuming. It can be a fully enclosed package or an open cuff package at both ends.

      When purchasing vacuum packaging machines, customers should clearly understand the essential difference between the two devices, and know the nature, size and packaging efficiency of their products. These points have been mentioned in detail in the article on purchasing vacuum packaging machines. Interested friends can check the website of Wenzhou Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., and if you don't understand, you can call our website to consult our professional sales staff.