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Vacuum Packaging Machine And Pump Linking Method
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machine is our main product of Dajiang. Customers who have purchased vacuum packaging machine in Dajiang know that our Dajiang after-sales service is very good. Dajiang is also organizing and organizing more information about vacuum packaging machines and sharing them so that everyone can check them when they need them.

      Today, Dajiang introduced how the vacuum pump was installed on a vacuum packaging machine. Generally, our single-chamber or double-chamber vacuum packaging machines are equipped with domestic 20-type vacuum pumps as standard. The pump is small in size and can be mounted directly in a vacuum packaging machine with a circular cushion for bottom connection. If there are some manufacturers that need mass production, we will generally configure a higher vacuum pump to meet the needs of customers for efficient production. However, after the vacuuming efficiency is high, the volume of the vacuum pump will increase and increase, but the size of the vacuum packaging machine itself is fixed, so it cannot be placed directly into the vacuum packaging machine, so this is especially customized. The equipment is an external vacuum pump.

      Dajiang's vacuum packaging machine has obtained CE certification for export, and has been exported to many countries abroad, including our domestic customers who need to export. Thanks also to the trust of our customers. If you need it, you can call us or visit the website of Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machine.