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Vacuum Packaging Machine Electrical Introduction
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The main electrical appliances of vacuum packaging machines are time relays and transformers, as well as AC contactors. These types play a very important role in the operation of vacuum packaging machines. Then, how is the electrical device on the vacuum packaging machine distributed and installed? Today, Wenzhou Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. will sort it out for everyone, so customers who have concerns about the price can understand the price difference of the vacuum packaging machine.

      The time relay on the vacuum packaging machine usually uses two, one to control the vacuum time, usually 30S or 60S; the other is to control the heat sealing time, often 5S or 6S. There are three commonly used types, one is JS14A-y type external type, the body is mounted on the electric circuit board, the adjustment knob is mounted on the operation panel; the other is the rotary type, the body is mounted on the operation panel, and the body has a large There is also a digital display, which is mounted on the operation panel, vacuum is 0-99S, and heat sealing is 0-9.9S.

      The transformer usually uses two, the smaller one is the control transformer, the input is 380V, the output 220V provides the control loop working power, and the output 6.3V provides the indicator power. The larger ones are heat-sealed transformers. 400W for 400-type packaging machines and 600W for 500-type packaging machines. The input is 380V (220V for a small number of single-phase power packaging machines). The output is generally 20-36V in five gears and one gear in 20V. The heat sealing current is the smallest, and the five-speed 36V heat sealing current is the largest.

      There are usually two AC contactors, one for controlling the vacuum pump and the other for controlling the heat-sealing transformer. The general working voltage is 220V and the working current is 10A. Because the operating voltage of the control circuit is 220V, the working voltage of the coil of time relay, vacuum solenoid valve, AC contactor and counter is 220V.

      Vacuum packaging machines, including food vacuum packaging machines, are composed of a vacuum system, a pumping and sealing system, a heat sealing system, and an electrical control system. The external vacuum packaging machine automatically seals the inside of the packaging bag after it is vacuumed. Because of the high vacuum inside the bag, the residual air is very small, inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms, and avoiding oxidation, mildew and spoilage of the articles. At the same time, for some soft items, after being packaged by the automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The principle of desktop vacuum packaging machine is plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil composite film as packaging material, for solid, liquid, powder, paste food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserves, chemicals, electronic originals, precision instruments, Rare metal and the like for vacuum packaging or vacuum inflation packaging.