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Vacuum Packaging Machine External Pumping Correct Operation Method
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machine Dajiang has been in production for many years, and it is also very familiar with vacuum packaging machines in various industries. We can customize vacuum packaging machines according to the requirements of different products of customers. There are also some companies that have just tried to use vacuum packaging machines to vacuum pack their products. Today, Dajiang lists the operation methods of the external vacuum packaging machine, and hopes to help the customers who use it for the first time.

      1. Turn on the air source, open the air source, check whether the air pressure reaches the normal working pressure (0.4-0.6MPa), and in the standby state, the sealing pressure rod is at the zero position;

      2. Insert the plug directly into the socket, turn on the power switch, and check if the red power indicator is on.

      3. Make parameter settings according to your packaging requirements.

      If there are customers who don't understand the vacuum packaging machine, or want to know more about the operation of the vacuum packaging machine, you can check it on the website of Qingdao Dajiang Vacuum Packaging Machine. The telephone number of our professional sales staff can be consulted. We also welcome customers to bring our products to our Dajiang factory for on-the-spot visits.