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Vacuum Packaging Machine Heating Device Comparison
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Vacuum packaging machine is that we can put the product in a film bag and vacuum-pack it and then heat-sealed and bond, which can prevent the product from oxidizing and deteriorating. Whether the thermal adhesive seal can be sealed without leaking gas has a great relationship with the heating device. Wenzhou Dajiang tells you about the structure of the vacuum packaging machine heating device today.

      When the earliest vacuum packaging machine was introduced, it was made of aluminum alloy material with heat strip for thermal bonding. Later, it was found that the thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of aluminum alloy was relatively large and easy to deform; and because it was made of metal, it was necessary to add water. After the sealing is completed, it is cooled. After that, Aixin developed a phenolic resin instead of a heating rod with imported nickel-niobium alloy. The copper block heating device is installed at both ends, which can stably achieve instantaneous heating without deforming. Water cooling is required because the resin itself has an insulating effect and does not change due to temperature.

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