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Vacuum Packaging Machine Main Classification
- Sep 09, 2018 -

Model classification

Single-chamber vacuum packaging machine, which has good vacuum performance and is suitable for vacuum sealing packaging of meat, sauce, condiment, preserved fruit, grain, soy products, chemical products, medicinal materials, etc. in the food industry. Vacuum packaging of a variety of plastic bag composite bags. The machine is small in size, light in weight and low in energy consumption, and is suitable for use in shops, supermarkets and homes. Vacuuming, sealing, cooling, and air intake to the cover are opened, and the whole process is automatically controlled.

Vertical vacuum packaging machine

The vertical vacuum packaging machine uses all stainless steel materials for 304 brand equipment, and the control part adopts PIC computer version control system. The vertical cabinet vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for vacuum packaging of powder, fine particles, liquid or large packaged objects. The vacuum chamber has a large volume and the bag mouth is sealed. Can be packaged with the product (eg barrel, box). Place it directly in the vacuum chamber to complete the vacuum sealing of the inner bag. Open door type operation, easy to put heavy objects on hold. This type of machine can be customized according to special size and configuration requirements. Widely used in feed, chemical, food, electronics and other industries

External vacuum packaging machine

The outer side of the empty chamber completes the vacuum packaging equipment. The external vacuum packaging machine is mainly designed for vacuum packaging of larger packaging materials. Unlike the structure of the internal vacuum packaging machine, the external vacuum packaging machine is placed in the packaged package through the air suction nozzle. Inside the bag, evacuate the air, exit the pumping nozzle, and then complete the sealing.

Continuous vacuum packaging machine

Continuous vacuum packaging machines are also called rolling vacuum packaging machines, or fully automatic chain vacuum packaging machines. Its working principle is to adopt chain drive, automatic swing cover, continuous output products, the whole machine adopts imported PLC programmable logic controller, computer touch screen operation, operating system is fully sealed, and the whole machine can be cleaned with water.

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine

The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine uses a vacuum cover to work alternately on the two vacuum chambers to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency. When one vacuum chamber is evacuated, the other vacuum chamber can place the package; The labor-saving device of the vacuum cover swing design greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.