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Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum Pump Repair Details
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Customers who use vacuum packaging machines know that the core component of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump, which plays a very important role in the vacuuming of the vacuum packaging machine. However, if the vacuum pump fails, the vacuuming work cannot be completed for the entire food vacuum packaging machine. Then if there is a glitch in the vacuum pump, how should the staff perform the correct repair?

      First, the vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump does not work or there is serious noise may be due to the following reasons:

1. The power supply is out of phase or the fuse is open. Solution: Check the power supply or change the fuse.

2, vacuum pump reverse, solution: power commutation.

3. Poor contact of IC main contact points, solution: adjustment or renewal.

4, ISJ normally closed contact is bad, the solution: adjust or renew.

5, the vacuum pump does not stop, the reason is that ISJ does not work, the solution: repair or renew.

      Second, the reasons for failing to meet the specified ultimate vacuum are as follows:

1. The vacuum pump oil is too little or polluted. Solution: Refuel or oil change.

2. The vacuum pump emits smoke or leaks. Solution: Clean the vacuum pump, replace the exhaust filter, and check the check valve.

3, the gas path is not tightly closed, the solution: check the gas path to eliminate leakage.

4, 2DT iron core card is not reset, the solution: repair or cleaning.

      Third, the vacuum packaging machine vacuum or no vacuum may have the following points:

1. The bag is leaking. Solution: Replace the bag.

2. There is no vacuum in the heat-sealed air chamber during vacuum. Solution: 1DT does not work, and maintenance is excluded.

3, 1DT iron core seal or magnetic shield leak in the seal, the solution: repair or renew.

      Fourth, there may be the following reasons for no heat seal:

1, nickel chrome skin burned, the solution: new.

2. The heat-sealed circuit line is loose and open. Solution: Tighten and reconnect.

3, 2C main contact bad contact, solution: adjust or replace.

4, 2C does not work, the solution: check 1SJ normally open 2SJ normally closed contacts are good.

      5. The reasons for insufficient sealing strength may be as follows:

1, the temperature time adjustment is too low and too short, the solution: readjust.

2, the vacuum time adjustment is too short, the solution: re-adjust it to ≤ -0.08Mbra.

3, heat sealed air chamber rupture, solution: new.

      The above is some of the conditions that the vacuum pump collected by Dajiang does not work and how to solve it, as well as the problems and solutions that may be encountered in the work of the vacuum packaging machine.