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Vacuum Packaging Machines Play A Big Role In Medical Devices!
- Feb 07, 2018 -

We know the vacuum technology used in the food industry, in the food packaging to play its unique vacuum advantages, other equipment can not be completed, and now vacuum packaging machine vacuum packaging technology is also used in packaging medical devices, the effect reflects Very good, the specific details, please continue to look down.

Will be equipped with sterile aluminum automatic opening and closing disinfection box modified. Used for medical equipment for pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilization. The sterilizing effect and sterilized sterile storage period were tested, and compared with the double-layer cotton wrapper. Results, the qualified rate of packaging medical devices sterilization are modified aluminum boxed equipment, aseptic shelf life of double-layer cotton cloth Keywords steam sterilization equipment packaging cotton special aluminum box At present, China's hospitals use more medical devices cotton Double packaging, pressure steam sterilization. Its packaging and demolition more time-consuming, more complex packaging cloth washing cumbersome.