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What Are The Common Faults Of Vacuum Packaging Machine?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1, pump oil pollution, too little or too little cleaning vacuum pump, replace the new vacuum pump oil; exhaust time is too short to extend the exhaust time; exhaust filter clogged to clean or replace the exhaust filter; leaks, after taking the time off Power supply, check the solenoid valve, fittings, vacuum pump suction valve and the surrounding gaskets have leaks.

2, vacuum pump coupling worn or broken replacement; exhaust filter clogged or installed in an improper position, cleaning or replacement exhaust filter and installed correctly; a leak check the solenoid valve is leak and exclusion.

3, the suction valve O-ring off Unplug the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle, remove the suction nozzle, remove the compression spring and suction valve, gently stretch O-ring several times, re-embedded in the groove, and then Installation can be; Rotary wear disc replacement.