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What Are The Main Performances Of Automatic Vacuum Packaging Equipment?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

The automatic vacuum packaging equipment is mainly composed of five parts: upper working chamber, lower working platform, frame, electrical system and vacuum system. The working process is first closed, the vacuum pump draws air from the working chamber. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, the vacuum pump stops working, the pressure valve opens, the airbag is inflated, the bead is pressed down to the sealing portion, and the electric heating is heated, and the bag is sealed. After the completion, the bleed valve is energized to open, and the venting is automatically opened to complete a working cycle.

What are the main performances of automatic vacuum packaging equipment?

The main performance of the vacuum packaging machine is the first, the lower work surface adopts the imported stainless steel plane structure, which can easily remove the liquid or debris falling on the workbench during the work process, and prevent the acid, alkali, salt, etc. from being packed. Corrosion and rust caused by articles. Second, the upper studio is made of imported stainless steel, which has large volume, light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. The heating elements are all installed in the upper working chamber, which can avoid short-circuit and other faults caused by the influence of the packaged articles (especially liquid), and improve the reliability of the whole machine. Among them, DZ-400/2S, DZ-500/2S, DZ-600/2S, DZ-600/2S fully automatic, DZ-800/2S fully automatic four-link structure, there is a large studio working in turn The operation of two stations is convenient, efficient and energy efficient. The packaging process of several models is automatically controlled by the electrical system. For different packaging requirements and different packaging materials, the machine has optional adjustment knobs such as pumping time, heating time and heating temperature, which are easy to adjust and can be better. Packaging effect.

What are the main performances of automatic vacuum packaging equipment?

The vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with a printing device according to the needs of the user. The product can be printed with the text symbols such as shelf life, date of manufacture and factory number to comply with the relevant provisions of the National Food Sanitation Law. The vacuum packaging machine of our packaging machine has advanced design, complete functions, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, wide application range and convenient use and maintenance. It is the ideal vacuum packaging equipment.

Vacuum packaging machines have a very special type of packaging that is in-body packaging. This technology is not currently familiar to many customers. However, it is more common among foreign users. The packaging machine is also developed with our own foreign technology combined with domestic details to develop our own body packaging machine. The birth of this type of packaging machine has furthered our advanced high-level packaging, so let's take a look at how the vacuum packaging machine realizes the physical packaging of the product.

What are the main performances of automatic vacuum packaging equipment?

Firstly, the body vacuum packaging machine heats and softens the body packaging film to cover the product and the bottom plate, and simultaneously activates the vacuum suction under the bottom plate, and shapes the body film according to the shape of the product and sticks it to the bottom plate (color printing paper card, corrugated cardboard) Or bubble cloth, etc.). After packaging, the product is tightly wrapped between the body film and the bottom plate for commercial elevator visual display packaging or industrial shockproof protection packaging. Strong stereoscopic effect, good visual display effect, good sealing and protection. It can effectively prevent moisture, dust and shock. Widely used in hardware, measuring tools, toys, circuit boards and other electronic components, steam locomotive parts, hydraulic and pneumatic components, decorations, ceramic glass products, handicrafts, food and other industries.

The packaging machine has made this vacuum packaging machine more in-depth improvement. The control adopts Siemens PLC of Germany, and the operation setting of Siemens touch screen is simpler and clearer. The vacuum chamber is designed to have an area of 500*700, which can reasonably place items. All are made of No. 304 stainless steel, and the vacuum chamber adopts 5mm thick plate to resist deformation. The difference between this body vacuum packaging machine and other vacuum packaging machines is that this must also have a heating device for heating. The role of the film, good film can bring good packaging effect.