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What Do Foreign Customers Need To Pay Attention To When Using Vacuum Packaging Machines?
- Aug 03, 2018 -

We have obtained the CE certification and tuv certification for the export of vacuum packaging machines, which makes it convenient for foreign customers to directly purchase our vacuum transfer machines, and there are many domestic customers who have factories abroad, and we hope that we can export directly to foreign countries. In this way, we can do a vacuum packaging machine to help customers directly export to foreign countries, and the operation is very convenient.

      Then what should you pay attention to when exporting vacuum packaging machine? Let's talk with everyone today.

      1. Pay attention to the voltage used abroad. Many countries and our voltages are different, so be sure to find out how many volts are used in foreign countries. We can customize them during production. This is very important, don't ignore it.

      2. The size of the package and the height of the packaged product. These basic dimensions are the most basic data for custom vacuum packaging machines. If they are wrong, it will mean that the vacuum packaging machine cannot be used.

      3. Production efficiency. Foreign factories generally pay more attention to production efficiency. Unlike domestic ones, they do not pursue efficiency. However, foreign countries pay more attention to machine production instead of manual production.

      As long as we have determined the above information, we have basically no problem. If there are special circumstances, we should make it clear to the sales staff in time. Otherwise, it will be troublesome if the vacuum packaging machine is sent abroad. Foreign customers are welcome to visit our website to view more information about vacuum packaging machines.