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What Is The Reason For The Noise Of The Vacuum Packaging Machine?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

The core component of the vacuum packaging machine is the vacuum pump, so it plays a key role in the use of the vacuum packaging machine. Long-term use, vacuum pump failure is also more common, then mainly in such aspects, how to solve the problem? How should the staff correctly adjust the vacuum pump of the vacuum packaging machine to return to normal working condition? Let's share it with you.

       Vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump does not work or there is serious noise for the following reasons:

       1. The power supply is out of phase or the fuse is open. Solution: Check the power supply or change the fuse.

       2, vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump reverse, solution: power commutation.

       3. Poor contact of IC main contact points, solution: adjustment or renewal.

       4, ISJ normally closed contact is bad, the solution: adjust or renew.

       5, vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump timeout does not stop, the reason is that ISJ does not work, the solution: repair or renew.