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What Kind Of Vacuum Packaging Machine Is Suitable For Your Own Products
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Everyone knows that our vacuum packaging machines are divided into two categories, and the vacuum packaging machines of these two categories are divided into many models. Many customers do not know what type of vacuum packaging machine should be selected to suit their own products when purchasing vacuum packaging machines. Moreover, many customers have different production methods. Some require a vacuum packaging machine to vacuum seal the seal, and some customers need a vacuum packaging machine to package a shape of the product. Today, Xiaobian is here to share with everyone if you choose a vacuum packaging machine.

      Vacuum packaging machines are divided into two categories, one is an internal vacuum packaging machine, and the other is an external vacuum packaging machine. If the customer only wants to simply vacuum seal, just select the model of the vacuum packaging machine according to the size of the product packaging bag. The main parameter is to see the length of the bag that needs to be sealed. For example, the customer bag size is 200*300mm, and the sealing edge is 200mm. Then we can choose the type 400 device. As for the single-chamber or double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, it is necessary to see how much the customer's efficiency wants to achieve. If the volume is large, the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine will be selected. For customers with small output, only the single-chamber vacuum packaging machine can be selected, which can save customers. the cost of. Especially for some small self-employed, this 400 single-chamber vacuum packaging machine is especially suitable. If the customer needs to pack the product into a shape, then when purchasing the vacuum packaging machine, customize the molds needed for the product. This mold is to put the products to be packaged into the bag and put them into the mold to sort out the shape, then vacuum and seal.

      In fact, choosing a vacuum packaging machine is a very simple matter. As long as you know the size of the product bag, you can choose a vacuum packaging machine. Of course, many times customers think of vacuum packaging machines as great, thinking that since it is a machine, it can be packaged in any way. This idea is wrong. The machine is also designed and manufactured by us. What kind of vacuum packaging machine can reach is not only depends on the packaging method of the product, but also depends on whether the equipment can support it. However, we have been working hard to develop a vacuum packaging machine and a novel vacuum packaging machine that are more convenient and convenient for customers.