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What Should I Do If The External Vacuum Packaging Machine Is Continuously Operated?
- Oct 30, 2018 -

The vacuum packaging machine is divided into two types: internal pumping and external pumping. In these two categories, more types are subdivided to suit the packaging of different products. The general principle of the two types of vacuum packaging machines is the same. The vacuum pump is used to vacuum the bagged products and then seal them for sealing, which can effectively prevent the products from being exposed to air corrosion and deterioration.

       Recently, when we have customers using the external vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum packaging machine always contacts the work. If there is no pause, the bag cannot be packed in the packaging process, so the sealed product bag is not neat. Wrinkles can cause air leaks and other phenomena. After consulting the technical engineer, I know that it is caused by poor contact of the travel switch in the foot switch. We only need to replace it. However, many customers do not understand such professional electrical technology. It is misjudged that the machine head switch is not easy to use, so I will use this case to share with you.