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What Should You Pay Attention To When Using A Vacuum Packaging Machine For Meat?
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The vacuum packaging machine is also divided into a food vacuum packaging machine and a workpiece vacuum packaging machine. Meat foods should of course use food vacuum packaging machines, so whether you should choose internal pumping or external pumping, this depends mainly on the size of the product and the packaging effect that needs to be achieved. Today, Dajiang mainly talks about what kind of vacuum packaging machine is suitable for meat products.

      First of all, we will talk about the vacuum packaging machine used for beef and mutton. These products are generally divided into many, so I can use the internal vacuum packaging machine, the size of the model depends on the size of the customer's product segmentation. There are also some customers who need to package the whole package. At this time, we can customize the internal vacuum packaging machine according to the customer's largest size. This Aixun vacuum packaging machine has had a successful case, and the customer is very good. The second is the packaging that requires the body, which is obviously done with a food-body vacuum packaging machine. This machine is higher than the ordinary vacuum packaging machine described in the previous small series, because this body vacuum packaging machine is generally a vacuum packaging machine for export, the effect of packaging is the upper film pumping After vacuuming, it is pressed against the food to form a vacuum package. The products packaged in this vacuum packaging machine look bigger and bigger.

      In fact, we do not stipulate what kind of equipment must be used to say what products, mainly depending on the nature and size of the products. Therefore, Xiaobian has been saying that it is very effective to communicate with the manufacturer's technical or sales personnel before purchasing. Because customers know their products very well, they also know what kind of packaging effect they need, and the manufacturers are very familiar with the vacuum packaging machine, as long as the two sides communicate well.