Meat Tabletop Gas Flush Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Meat Tabletop Gas Flush Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Item:DZ-260 O

Gas FLush is available to this model.

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Product Details

Product Details

- Exceptional design to reduce machine size and improve its practicity.

- Easily removable sealing bar.

- Extremely easy to clean thanks to a perfectly level product counter.

- Automatic cover lift operated by pneumatic pistons.

- Electronic control system featuring with pressure sensor:

- Settable sealing, vacuum and gas time on a scale 1-10 sec.

- Display of vacuum percentage and time to countdown.

- Adjustable vacuum percentage: 50-100%.

- Thermal pump guard

- Oil preheat and cleaning cycle

- Total rev counter

- O-Surface for liquid bags

- High quality suction pump.

- AISI 304 stainless steel, easy to clean plain vacuum chamber.

- Inert gas system (MAP) and soft air

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